Fireworks anxiety is one of the most common behavioral issues in dogs. For many four-legged companions, the fireworks season is a stressful time. In this blog, you'll learn what you can do if your dog is scared of fireworks.

To overview

How to deal with fireworks anxiety

Desensitization and counterconditioning

Desensitization involves gradually exposing your pet to firework sounds, making him less sensitive step by step. You can do this by playing firework sounds (available on YouTube) at a very low volume. The sound should be at a level that the dog does not react anxiously. From that point, you can gradually increase the volume.

However, simply increasing the sound slowly is often insufficient. We also want to change the dog’s negative feelings about fireworks to positive ones. This is called ‘counterconditioning.’ How do you achieve this? When your dog hears the firework sounds, give him a tasty treat, or play his favorite game immediately. By repeating this, a new connection is formed: Fireworks = fun!

A safe place

Make sure your dog has a safe and comfortable place to go to. Create a quiet room with closed curtains, along with his favorite toys, a tasty chew bone, a cozy bed with a blanket, and soothing music. The goal is to provide a refuge where your dog feels safe.

Advice from a behavior therapist

A certified dog behavior therapist can provide valuable guidance and tips for dealing with fireworks anxiety. A behavior therapist can also offer advice on whether to use supplements or behavioral medication.

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Anxious animals often want to flee to escape from the scary situation as quickly as possible. Therefore, make sure your dog is microchipped, and that the registered contact information is up to date. If your dog happens to escape, there is a greater chance that he will be safely returned home.

Fireworks anxiety is a challenging issue, but with the right measures and support, you can help your pet get through this difficult period. Patience, support, and love are key words in this process.