An alternative and comfortable solution for a dog that needs protection for wounds, skin conditions or that needs protection for bandages on the ear and/or head. Ideal with Aural Hematomas (collection of blood or serum within the earflap).

  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Alternative to a dog cone
  • Protects bandages
  • Dogs can move comfortably
  • Safe for dog & environment
  • Patented breathable design
  • Easy to put on
  • Machine washable & reusable
  • Available in 5 sizes & 1 print
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We’re here to help you find the best size MPS-Head Cover® for your dog!


  • Step 1: choose ‘cm’ or ‘inch’
  • Step 2: simply fill in the required measurements below


If your dog is somewhere between two sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size.

size chart head cover


The size of the MPS-Head Cover® is found by measuring the head circumference, neck circumference and the distance from top of head to collar.

Cm/ Inch
Head circumference

The head circumference is best measured around the widest part of the head. Usually behind the ears.

Neck circumference

The neck circumference is best measured around the collar.

Length head to collar

The length head to collar is measured from the top of the head to the collar.

Unfortunately, we could not find the best size for your dog. Please contact us or consult your nearest veterinarian. Contact us


We know how important it is to be able to quickly dress and undress your dog, which is why our MPS-Head Cover® is made of soft and high-quality material. It is important however to keep monitoring your dog if the snug fit isn’t too tight. Getting the Head Cover® on and off your dog is simple, so let’s take a look!


  • Step 1: Optional pads: For extra soft protection for the ears and/or head, you can first insert the MPS-Head Cover Pads® in the MPS-Head Cover®. Open the pocket, take a pad and place the pad’s Velcro® on the Velcro® in the pocket of the Head Cover®;


  • Step 2: Head closing strap: place the Head Cover® on the dog’s head and close it by fastening the Velcro straps and popper (snap) button (use at least two rows of popper buttons);


  • Step 3: Neck closing strap: close it by fastening the Velcro® straps and popper (snap) buttons (use at least two rows of popper buttons);


  • Step 4: Optional neck length: if needed, you can adjust the neck length for a better fit by adjusting the Velcro® strap on the back of the neck. Make sure that you first close the head closing strap and then the neck closing strap and make sure to not overtighten the straps of the MPS-Head Cover®, which can lead to breathing and circulation restriction.




The MPS-Head Cover® is specially designed on the anatomy of dogs and can therefore only be used for dogs. Internal flexible ribs support the MPS-Head Cover® to protect bandages or wounds and prevent sagging. The MPS-Head Cover® is easy to put on and has a perfect fit due to the adjustable head circumference, neck circumference and neck length. Important: do not overtighten the straps as this could lead to breathing and circulation restriction.


To secure the MPS-Head Cover®, use at least two rows of popper (snap) buttons for the two closing straps.


Important: make sure to take out the internal flexible ribs from the MPS-Head Cover® and to fasten the straps and popper (snap) buttons before you start washing.

An adjustable Velcro® closure and popper (snap) buttons provide additional strength. If your dog needs extra soft protection, you can add the MPS-Head Cover Pads® to the MPS-Head Cover® (sold separately).


  • Important information:

Consult your veterinarian when you want to use the MPS-Head Cover® for medical purposes. Your veterinarian can recommend a suitable treatment. Keep monitoring your dog regularly to make sure the fit is not too tight. Keep your dog under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using the MPS-Head Cover®. Please consult your veterinarian if your dog’s behavior is changing or when your dog has excessive licking/chewing habits.


  • Washing instructions:

For longer usage, it is possible that the print of the MPS-Head Cover® and the label could fade over time. With the washing instructions below, this process can be delayed. Washing, maintaining and handling of delivered items always remains the responsibility of the customer.



  • Remove the supporting ribs from the MPS-Head Cover® before washing.
  • Always turn inside out for washing.
  • Fasten all the press studs before washing.
  • We recommend using a laundry bag.
  • Wash the MPS-Head Cover® up to a maximum of 90ºC/194ºF.
  • Never put the MPS-Head Cover® in the dryer! Hang it out and let it air dry.
  • Do not iron directly over the print and never too hot.
  • Do not use bleach or other chemicals to clean the MPS-Head Cover®.


Using bleach and other chemicals can cause irritations to your dog’s wound, surgical area, hotspots or more…!



  • Material specification:

The MPS-Head Cover® for dogs is toxic/lead free and is made of 100% high-quality breathable cotton.


ADD THE MPS-COVER PADS (Sold separately)

The MPS-Head Cover Pads® can be added to the specially designed pockets in the MPS Head Cover® for extra soft protection. These pockets can also be used to put the dog’s ears in to prevent wound fluids and ointments from sticking to the dog’s fur.


Available sizes:

  • MPSHC Pads-Small: fits in the MPS-Head Cover size XSmall, Small and Medium
  • MPSHC Pads-Medium: fits in the MPS-Head Cover size Large and XLarge



Proper protection of wounds, stitches, or other (skin) issues on the ears and/or head is crucial for a quick and successful recovery. However, the cone of shame often interferes with moving freely, obstructs view, causing dogs to bump into furniture. The MPS-Head Cover® offers a great alternative. It covers and protects the head and ears while allowing the dog to maintain its freedom of movement.



Grass seeds, also known as awns or foxtails, are sharp bristles from certain types of grass. The grass seeds have a sharp tip that can stick to the fur or even burrow into the ears, eyes, or nostrils of your dog. When foxtails enter the ear canal, they can cause ear infections. The MPS-Head Cover® protects and covers the dog’s ears. Thanks to the adjustable closure straps, elastic cord, and snap buttons, the Head Cover® stays securely in place. This significantly reduces the chance of grass seeds burrowing into the dog’s ears.



Dogs can shake their heads frequently and flap their ears due to ear problems, such as infections, bacteria, or allergies, to reduce itching and irritation. As a result, blood vessels in the ear can be damaged, creating a collection of blood within the ear flap. This is called an aural hematoma. An untreated aural hematoma can cause permanent damage. Prevention is better than cure. If a dog is experiencing ear issues, cover and protect their ears from flapping, head shaking, and scratching with the MPS-Head Cover®!



Many dogs find the hairdryer at the groomer unpleasant or even scary. The hot air around the head can feel uncomfortable, and most hairdryers make a lot of noise. The MPS-Head Cover® can be a useful tool to make the visit to the groomer more pleasant. The ears will no longer flap, and the dog will be less bothered by the noise and air pressure around its ears/head during drying.




Proper wound care and protection are essential to prevent infections and promote speedy recovery. The MPS-Head Cover® prevents the dog from scratching the wound, while also protecting the wound area from bacteria and dirt. In addition, the MPS-Head Cover® covers and protects ointments applied to the ears or head. You can also place your dog’s ears inside the specially designed pockets on the inside to prevent ointments from sticking to the fur.


Adjustable fastening straps

The Head Cover® is fully closed by way of adjustable fastening straps with Velcro and a row of snaps. The snaps ensure that the Head Cover® fits as snugly as possible. Moreover, it reduces the risk of bleeding in the ear caused by the dog shaking its head.

There are three adjustable fastenings for a perfect fit: the adjustable strap under the chin, the adjustable strap around the neck and the Velcro® strap on the back of the neck. To secure the Head Cover properly, it is important to use at least two rows of snaps with the two fastening straps. If needed, you can adjust the neck length for a better fit on the head by adjusting the Velcro® strap on the back of the neck.

There’s also a single orange colored snap, so you can quickly see that this is an original Dutch Medical Pet Shirts product!

Please note: do not secure the Head Cover too tightly as this can result in breathing and blood circulation problems.



Special pockets for the Head Cover Pads

The Head Cover® comes with two specially designed pockets on the inside near the ears. These bags hold the Head Cover Pads (available separately) for extra soft protection. A dog’s ears can also be inserted into these bags to prevent wound discharge and ointments from sticking to the dog’s fur. The Head Cover Pads can be placed in either one or both bags to protect one or both ears, respectively.

Should it be necessary to cool one or both ears (after seeking advice from your vet), these bags can also be used to hold cooling pads.



Elastic cord & light-blue inner layer

The Head Cover® comes with an elastic cord to ensure that the front of the Head Cover® closes around the dog’s head as much as possible. In this way, wounds, bandages and ear and/or head skin are protected should the dog have skin/ear problems, such as an othematoma (bleeding ear).



The interior of the MPS-Head Cover® is light blue so fluid or blood loss can be checked by the veterinarian or the pet owner. In the event of fluid loss, a sanitary towel can be applied on the inside of the Head Cover® or between the double layer. If necessary, the veterinarian can also insert an ice pack between the double layer.



Flexible supporting ribs

These internal flexible plastic ribs prevent sagging as much as possible and support the Head Cover® in protecting wounds and/or bandages. Remove these ribs from the Head Cover® when washing.



Adjustable skull length

A Velcro strip can be found at the back of the Head Cover® for shortening the skull length for a tighter fit, if necessary.

Please note: do not secure the Head Cover® too tightly as this can result in breathing problems and blood circulation problems;



Material specification

The Head Cover® is made of high-quality cotton, a four-way stretch Invista Lycra® and denim blue material on the outside.



The exterior of the Head Cover Pads is made of soft cotton with four-way stretch Invista Lycra®. The interior of the Head Cover Pads consists of soft foam (polyurethane) and a small Velcro® strip.



Original MPS® product

When you see MPS®, you know I’m an original Medical Pet Shirt!”

The MPS® logo is always on the right side of the MPS-Head Cover® near the right ear. The washing label also has an MPS hologram. Without the yellow logo and the hologram, it is not an original, official product of Medical Pet Shirts Europe B.V.




The fabric isn’t dyed, and no harmful toxics are being used in the process. 100% animal-friendly!