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Medical Pet Shirt®

  • Why is there a strap with a press button / snap at the belly side?
    This is the Hold-up system. When nature calls or when taking your dog out for a walk, the Medical Pet Shirt can be opened at the back and rolled inwards and towards at the chest. The lower part can then be fastened with the Hold-up system for extra security. For the best protection, the shirt must always be closed again after a check or walk outside.
  • How are the sizes figured?
    For cats and dogs, the size of the shirt is best measured from the collar to the base of the tail. For rabbits, the correct size can be determined by the weight of the rabbit. Visit the product page and go to the size guide for detailed information:
  • Can a cat also wear a Medical Pet Shirt® for dogs?
    No, the Medical Pet Shirt® for dogs and cats are different in shape and especially designed for the anatomy of a dog or cat. The Medical Pet Shirt® for cats have a bigger opening under the tail so the shirt can stay on while using the litter tray.
  • Is the Medical Pet Shirt® washable?
    Yes the Medical Pet Shirt® is machine washable. We advise to follow the washing instructions below:
    • Always turn inside out for washing.
    • Fasten all the press studs before washing.
    • We recommend using a laundry bag.
    • Wash the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® up to a maximum of 90ºC/194ºF.
    • Never put the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® in the dryer! Hang it out and let it air dry.
    • Do not iron directly over the print and never too hot.
    • Do not use bleach or other chemicals to clean the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt®.
  • Can dogs and cats tear it apart or chew on it?
    Of course this is always possible. MPS-products are not made from Kevlar, because breathability is very important. Especially very angry animals can damage everything if they want. Fortunately, most pets accept wearing the Medical Pet Shirt and don’t do anything with it. Also, because we use very high-end fabrics, the fabric will not tear more when there is a hole in it. With excessive licking of the wound, a sanitary pad can be inserted between the double layer or inside the Medical Pet Shirt to keep the wound dry. We recommend keeping your pet under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using this product.
  • What is the reason not having a hole at the belly part of the shirt?
    If there is a hole on the belly side, which then must be large enough to fit all the breeds, the pet can still get to, lick or scratch the wound. Moreover, the surgical area is often located near the urination area. The risk of getting a wound infection is also higher with a hole at the belly part of the shirt. There is already extra space around the belly part to help circulate air for a faster recovery. The Medical Pet Shirt can be easily opened for taking the dog for a walk. The shirt can be rolled up inside and secured to the chest with a press stud. After a walk, it is important to check the surgery area. For the best protection, the shirt must always be closed again after a check or a walk outside.
  • Do all dogs, cats or rabbits tolerate the Medical Pet Shirt®?
    Most dogs, cats or rabbits tolerate the shirt. It’s the same as using a onesie or T-shirt except that the Medical Pet Shirt® is special equipped and made for animals offering pet owners a one stop solution for their pets. Some cats are really athletic and can manage to get out of the Medical Pet Shirt®. For those cats it can be made more difficult when the loops inside the collar of the shirt are fitted to a collar. Also, it’s important to choose the right size for the cat. The stretch fabric of the shirt is made for this. Special attention is always needed when a wound is irritating. The animal might try to scratch, lick and sometimes bite around the wound. We recommend keeping your pet under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using this product.
  • Is it safe for my pet and the environment?
    Yes, our products are toxic/lead free and safe for pets and environment.
  • Do you need to wash the Medical Pet Shirt® before first use? 
    No, you do not have to wash the Medical Pet Shirt® before first use. However, in case of open wounds, please contact your veterinarian to seek advice first.
  • Can the Medical Pet Shirt® be worn all day?
    The Medical Pet Shirt® is made of 94% Organic Cotton and 6% Lycra. Because of these components it is breathable and comfortable and can be worn all day, when taking the below recommendations in account. When worn for a longer period of time, the Medical Pet Shirt® will need to be washed regularly. To ensure that your pet remains protected, two Medical Pet Shirts are often purchased. While one shirt can be washed, the other can be worn. When your pet needs to wear the Medical Pet Shirt® longer than a week, it’s always better to have a back-up shirt! Please consult your veterinarian when you want to use this product for medical purposes. Your veterinarian can recommend a suitable treatment. Keep your pet under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using the Medical Pet Shirt® and check the affected area regularly. Please consult your veterinarian if your pet’s behavior is changing or when your pet has excessive licking/chewing habits. Leaving your pet unsupervised wearing a Medical Pet Shirt® is a decision only a pet owner can make after careful consideration of their unique situation, and we can’t advise on.

MPS-Front leg sleeve(s)

MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1®

  • Why is there a bag on the back of the MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1®?
    The MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1® has a sealable bag on the back between the shoulders for holding a portable infuse system or Holter ECG for example.
  • Does the MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1®? has a calming effect?
    Yes, the MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1® has an additional advantage besides protecting a surgical area. The adjustable closure with elasticated lower band offers a gentle pressure around the chest. This pressure has a calming effect for most dogs and can be useful to reduce issues with fireworks or storm.
  • How do I know the snug fit isn’t too tight?
    Keep monitoring your dog to control if the snug fit isn’t too tight and your dog can move and breath easily.
  • How can I attach the MPS-Hind Leg Sleeves to the MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1®?
    The MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1® contains red loops on the inside for securing the MPS-HLS® Hind Leg Sleeves. How to put on the MPS-HLS® Hind Leg Sleeves?:
    • Step 1: Put the MPS-TOP Shirt 4-in-1® on by inserting the head first followed by each front leg separately into the openings provided. Close the MPS-TOP Shirt 4-in-1® around the chest with the adjustable Velcro. If you want a more calming effect, slightly increase the pressure.
    • Step 2: Separate the MPS-Hind Leg Sleeves. Put the recovering leg in the first sleeve and attach the elastic straps to the integrated loops of the MPS-TOP Shirt 4-in-1.
    • Step 3: Put the other leg in the second sleeve.
    • Step 4: Attach both sleeves to each other with the Velcro closure on the back part.
    • Step 5: Attach the adjustable straps firmly to the red loops on the MPS-TOP Shirt 4-in-1®.
    • Step 6: Link the Sleeves together with the straps under the tail. Secure firmly to prevent movement of the sleeves. Make sure the MPS-TOP Shirt 4-in-1 and the MPS-Hind Leg Sleeves are properly secured.

MPS-HLS® Hind Leg Sleeves

MPS-Head Cover & Head Cover Pads

  • Can the MPS-Head Cover be used without the Head Cover Pads?
    Yes, the Head Cover can be used without the Head Cover Pad. In some cases, this will improve the air circulation. We advise to discuss this with your veterinarian.
  • How do I remove the plastic ribs before washing the MPS-Head Cover?
    The internal flexible plastic ribs can be removed by gently pulling them down.
  • How to create a snug fit?
    There are three adjustable fastenings for a perfect fit: the adjustable strap under the chin, the adjustable strap around the neck and the Velcro® strap on the back of the neck. To secure the Head Cover properly, it is important to use at least two rows of snaps with the two fastening straps. If needed, you can adjust the neck length for a better fit on the head by adjusting the Velcro® strap on the back of the neck. Please note: do not secure the Head Cover too tightly as this can result in breathing and blood circulation problems.
  • Will the dog be able to hear when wearing the Head Cover?
    Yes, your dog will still be able to hear. However, hearing might be slightly muffled.
  • Can the Head Cover be used all day long?
    Yes, your dog can wear the Head Cover throughout the day, but we advise to discuss this with your veterinarian. With some wounds and infections, it can be necessary to remove the Head Cover once in a while.

MPS-Medical PetS Boot®

DRY® Cooling Vest

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