Since our start in 2007, we have garnered a lot of fans all over the world. If you are not convinced by all the happy pets wearing our products, take a look below at what their owners have to say about Medical Pet Shirts.

This medical shirt is a great product

“Great product for both the owner and the pet. I’ve not met a dog yet that likes to wear the big awkward buster collars around their necks, so this medical shirt is a great product instead of the collar in prevention of the dog accessing surgical wounds or injuries in a more comfortable way. The dogs that i have used this product with have barely noticed/reacted to wearing the shirt so it must be comfortable for them!

Owners seem to love the look of their furry friends in a shirt (or doggy baby grow as they look like!) too!”

– Laura M. – Veterinary

Hello Medical Pet Shirts!

“This just to thank you for a fabulous product. Our 7-months Maine Coon kitten was sterilized 2 weeks ago, and fortunately our veterinarian suggested a body stocking instead of a plastic collar.

I attach a picture of her – feel free to use it on you web or elsewhere if you find it useful.

Thank you once again.

Best regards”

– Elsebeth B. – Pet owner

Far better than the cone of shame

“I thought you might like some feedback on the dog medical t-shirt.  I’ve used this on our dog since she was spayed on Wednesday. I would like to say that the t-shirt has been great, helped keep her warm the first night and has stopped her licking the wound.  She’s happy wearing it and it’s easy to undo the poppers when she needs the toilet.  A great product, far better than the cone of shame.”

– Julie – Pet owner

Two big thumbs up!

“I would like to give the Medical Pet T-Shirt two big thumbs up! As a veterinary nurse and owner, I understand the frustration of buster collars knocking into your knees (or even popping off!)

However, the Medical Pet T-shirt has saved me and my cat the stress that a buster collar brings.

After getting a nasty abscess, it was difficult to keep my cat from getting at the wound, even with a buster collar on, he managed to make it worse. That’s when I decided to give the shirt a go.

I’ve seen it work wonders on patients, but seeing the results for myself was amazing. I always recommend it to client weary of the dreaded cone of shame. Both dogs and cats do amazingly well with it on.


Serena – Veterinary nurse

About the MPS-Medical PetS Boot®

“I have recently started using these boots for my wound management cases and have found them to be the most effective way to keep a bandage clean and dry. They are easy to use and provide full coverage of the bandage, ensuring owner compliance. Although there are cheaper ways to cover a bandage, they are definitely not as effective and I feel that the implications of a wet or soiled bandage resulting in sores, delayed healing to wounds and even compromised blood supply to the distal limb would be beyond disappointing for both myself, my patients and the clients, when these complications can be avoided. Bandaging is a skill, and caring for a bandage properly is so important, and that is why I offer these boots to my clients.”

– Claire – Veterinary

Brilliant innovation

“The new MPS Head covers are a brilliant innovation and are so much easier to use and more versatile that trying to place an ear bandage.  I have used them in a few cases where I have drained an aural haematoma with a needle to see if the haematoma will resolve before going down the surgical route and so far have had great success with 2 out of 2 resolving after draining and placing the head cover.  I am sure there will be some that don’t resolve but also know that the head cover will be just as useful after surgery to stop the ears flapping around during the recovery period.  They are very adjustable and fit well and are designed so that the cover stays where it needs to be and stop the ears flapping around.  They are tolerated by the dogs much better that I expected and certainly are more comfortable to the dog. They are also easier to put on and take off that a Elizabethan Collar or ear bandage so allow the owner to medicate the ears where necessary. I also used one after stitching up an ear after it had got torn on a nail and it worked well.  I always smile when the dogs come in looking like they are wearing a shower cap.

Thank you.”

– Steven H. – Veterinary

About the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt®

“This is (about) my cat Rupert, as a veterinary nurse it’s hard not to take all the little stray kittens that come into the practice, Rupert was one who I took home!  As he got older he developed a skin condition called Atopy and has been on medications for most of his life for this, even with his medications under control, unfortunately, he had already developed a compulsive behaviour to lick his skin and chew at his skin until it was bleeding.  We were managing this with a buster collar and an inflatable collar as he’d always managed to find a way around one or the other.  When we discovered the pet shirts we were very nervous whether it’d work but it has been fantastic.  He has now got a full coat of fur (for the first time in about 2 years) and is a much more confident and happy cat.  I recommend these to all of my post-operative cat patients instead of the buster collar so that they can see the benefits themselves. 

I can send you before and after pictures if you want the gruesome ones!


Rhiannon – Veterinary nurse

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