Leg bandages, dressings or casts for dogs and bad weather; a difficult combination!

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Due to bad weather, these materials can easily become dirty and wet and will need to be changed quickly. Wounds and sutures could even get irritated or infected. Time for extra precautions for a pleasant walk. That is why we developed the MPS-Medical PetS Boot®: a water repellent paw protection to keep bandages, dressings and casts dry.

No need anymore to use a plastic bag or sock as an inadequate alternative. The MPS-Medical PetS Boot® offers a water repellent paw protection to keep bandages, dressings and casts dry during bad weather. The boot has a durable, flexible, rubber non-skid sole for additional protection. The front and back part of the rubber sole are a little higher in case the dog drags with its paw. Thanks to the Velcro® straps, the boot keeps its place and the upper draw string can be closed to keep out rain, snow and dirt.

The MPS-Medical PetS Boot® can be used on both front and hind legs. The boot is available in 7 sizes. For extra flexibility, we added a long and short version in the sizes Medium and Large. Ready for a walk? Because these boots are made for walking.

Consult your veterinarian when you want to use the MPS-Medical Pets Boot® for medical purposes. Your veterinarian can recommend a suitable treatment. Keep monitoring your dog regularly to make sure the fit is not too tight. We recommend keeping your dog under supervision of a responsible adult at all times while using the MPS-Medical Pets Boot®. Please consult your veterinarian if your dog’s behavior is changing or in case of emergencies.