MPS-TOP Shirt 4 in 1 ®™


An ideal solution for wound protection providing comfort after surgery whilst allowing freedom of movement.

Manufactured using a soft double layered Cotton fabric around the body. The front side of the body is manufactured using a breathable stretchy Cotton / Lycra fabric with reinforced Cotton bands. Thanks to the adjustable closure around the chest fitting is effortless.

Protection of wounds, bandages / in cases of skin diseases *
  • Protects wounds and bandages specifically around the chest, shoulders and neck.
  • Open hole at shoulders may be used to pass an IV-Line.
  • Minimises injury to the skin due to scratching, licking or biting.
  • Promotes faster healing in cases of skin conditions, medication cannot be licked off of the skin.
Anxiety management
  • Offers a gentle pressure around the chest thanks to the adjustable closure with elasticated lower band. This pressure has a calming effect for most animals especially useful for procedures such as knee surgeries when combined with the MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves.
  • Helps to reduce issues with barking, travel, fireworks or separation without the use of sedatives.

Device holder

Closable pocket on back (size 12(l) x 9(w) x 3(h) cm) to hold devices such as portable IV, Holter-ECG or suction pump.

Fixation of MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves (sold separately)

Keeps MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves firm in place with the integrated loops on the rear side.


MPS-TOP Shirt "4 in 1" Sizes for Dogs

MPS-TOPChest circumference
TOP-2XS:28 - 43 cm / 11.0 - 16.9"
TOP-XS:38 - 52 cm / 14.9 - 20.4"
TOP-S:48 - 68 cm / 18.8 - 26.7"
TOP-M:60 - 80 cm / 23.6 - 31.4"
TOP-L:72 - 92 cm / 28.3 - 36.2"
TOP-XL:78 - 100 cm / 30.7 - 39.3"
Chest circumference measurement right behind front legs.


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