Medical PetS Boot

Medical PetS Boot

Medical PetS Boot

Bad weather asks for extra precautions to keep bandages dry.

We developed a water repellent paw protection that keeps the bandage dry: The Medical PetS Boot!

The Medical PetS Boot has a durable, flexible, rubber non-skid sole. The front and the back part of the rubber sole are a little higher for more protection in case the dog drags with its paw.

Because of the wide opening the Medical PetS Boot is also very suitable for dogs using a cast.

The upper draw string can be closed to keep out the rain. The velcro straps keep the MPS Boot at its place.

The Medical PetS Boot is available is 7 sizes. Size M and L areavailable in a long and short version. Each size is easy to recognise by its own color code.

The advantages of Medical PetS Boot for dogs:

• Protects leg bandages, wounds, casts, dry and clean.

• Light weight and comfortable non-skid rubber sole with super flexibility and movement.

• Designed for water, snow, hot or cold paths and surfaces.

• Available in sizes XS, S, M, M-short, L, L-short, XL.

• Sizes have colour coded tags.

• Easy fastened with adjustable elastic Velcro® straps.

• Upper draw string closure.

Easy to use

The Medical PetS Boot are easy to use because of the wide opening on the upper side. The upper draw string needs to be closed when it rains. The adjustable elastic Velcro® straps keep the Boot at its place.


Medical PetS Boot sizes for dogs

Sizes Medical PetS BootColor tag BootLength BootCircumference Boot at instep = sole
MPS-B XSRed14 cm17 cm
MPS-B SGreen22 cm21 cm
MPS-B M shortYellow20 cm23 cm
MPS-B MBlue25 cm23 cm
MPS-B L shortOrange20 cm27 cm
MPS-B LLight Blue28 cm27 cm
MPS-B XLGrey34 cm 28 cm
The Medical PetS Boot is available in 7 sizes. For more convenience size M and L are available in a long and a short edition. Each size has it's specific color tag.

*** The Medical PetS Boot is currently not available in the United States and Canada. ***

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