February is known as the Spay/Neuter awareness month and each year, on the fourth Tuesday in February, it’s World Spay Day.

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Each year, on the fourth Tuesday in February, it’s World Spay Day and February is known as the Spay/Neuter awareness month. The goal of this special month and day is to create awareness for pet overpopulation in the US and other parts of the world. By neutering or spaying your pet, you could prevent unwanted pet births. Moreover, spaying and neutering could have positive effects on your pet’s health and behavior.

If your pet has been spayed or neutered, aftercare is essential for a fast and good recovery. Protect your dog, cat or rabbit with the Medical Pet Shirt®, the animal-friendly alternative to the Elizabethan collar. This versatile Medical Pet Shirt® protects the surgical area after neutering/spaying and prevents pets from licking, scratching or biting wound or sutures.

The interior of the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® is light blue so fluid loss can be checked by the veterinarian or owner. In the event of fluid loss from the wound, a sanitary towel can be applied on the inside of the shirt or between the double layer.

The MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® is made from high-quality cotton and a four-way stretch Invista Lycra® fabric that is lightweight, breathable and comfortable like a second skin. Thanks to the comfortable design of the Medical Pet Shirt®, pets can move, eat, drink and play during recovery.

Less stress, faster recovery!

The Medical Pet Shirt® is available in the versions DogCat and Rabbit.

We advise to make a deliberate choice of whether or not to spay or neuter. Please consult your pet’s vet or behavioral therapist to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of neutering and spaying.