Read more about protective apparel to cover and protect cuts and grazes.

To overview

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Your pet can get hurt while running or playing at home or outside for example. Knowing how to treat minor wounds, scrapes and grazes can be very useful. In this article, we give you some tips for wound care at home*.  

If your pet has a wound, it is important to determine the severity of the wound. Always contact your veterinarian in case of large, infected and/or open wounds or when in doubt. If your dog, cat, or rabbit has a small wound, cut or grazes, you can clean the wound with (salt) water daily.

Make sure your pet doesn’t reach the wound. If your pet licks, bites or scratches the wound, the affected area can become large and infected. Therefore, it is important to cover and protect the wound. The Medical Pet Shirts protective apparel covers and protects your pet, while he/she can still move, eat, drink and play.


The MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® Dog, Cat and Rabbit cover and protect wounds on the animal’s torso. Extra feature: the interior of the Medical Pet Shirt® is partially light blue so you can check blood or fluid loss. In the event of fluid loss, a sanitary towel can be applied on the inside of the suit or between the double layer. If necessary, an ice pack can also be inserted between the double layer.

If the problem area is on the dog’s front leg(s), the MPS-TAZ® Single Front Leg Sleeve or the MPS-TAZ2® Double Front Leg Sleeves can be used. These front leg sleeves cover the dog’s legs and prevent excessive licking behavior.

If your dog has a wound on its ears and/or head, the MPS-Head Cover® can be used to cover and protect the dog.

Keep an eye on your pet and check if the wound is healing. When in doubt, always contact your veterinarian.

Only the best care for our loyal friends!

*This article focuses on minor wounds, cuts, and grazes. Always contact your veterinarian in case of deep and/or open wound. Contact your veterinarian in case of doubt for the right advice and treatment.