The MPS-Head Cover® protects dogs' ears from grass awns!

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Dogs love to walk and sniff in the grass, bushes, and along the roadside. Unfortunately, during the warmer months, there is a danger for our furry friends: foxtails. These grass seeds can cause serious health problems in dogs. In this article, we will discuss what foxtails are, why they can be dangerous, and how you can protect your dog from these grass awns.

What are foxtails?

Grass seeds, also known as awns or foxtails, are sharp bristles from certain types of grass. The grass seeds have a sharp tip that can stick to the fur or even burrow into the ears, eyes, or nostrils of your dog. Grass seeds are particularly present during the warmer months when grasses are in bloom.

Why are foxtails dangerous for dogs?

Foxtails can cause various health problems, including:

  1. Skin infections: They can penetrate the dog’s skin and cause an infection.
  2. Ear problems: They can enter the ear canal and cause ear infections.
  3. Nasal and eye irritations: They can become lodged in a dog’s nostrils or eyes, leading to sneezing, nasal discharge, redness, irritation, and tears.

How can you protect your dog from foxtails?

  • Avoid areas where foxtails are prevalent, such as open fields and overgrown grass.
  • Check your dog’s fur, eyes, toes, and ears after a walk. Remove any grass seeds immediately, preferably with tweezers, to prevent them from further burrowing into the fur.
  • Protect and cover the dog’s ears with the MPS-Head Cover®. Thanks to the adjustable closure straps, elastic cord, and snap buttons, the Head Cover® stays securely in place. This significantly reduces the chance of grass seeds burrowing into the dog’s ears.
  • If you cannot remove a foxtail, notice your dog licking his paws excessively, or see frequent head shaking, consult a veterinarian.