Benefits MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® vs. lookalikes

In this blog, you will discover the benefits of the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® compared to lookalikes and the cone of shame.

To overview

Pets are often hampered in their daily activities when they need to wear a cone of shame. The pet cone often interferes with moving freely, especially in a pet’s ability to drink, eat, and move. In addition, the Elizabethan collar can amplify sounds, which can disorient or scare pets.

Some people use a soft collar for their pet as an alternative, but these soft cones can still cause mobility and breathing problems.

Protective apparel as an alternative

That is why we developed medical protective apparel as an alternative to the cone of shame. The MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® helps pets to recover comfortably after surgery or in case of medical conditions.

The MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® is made of high-quality cotton and a four-way stretch Invista Lycra® fabric that is lightweight, breathable and comfortable like a second skin. Thanks to the closure on the back of the Medical Pet Shirt, the shirt stays securely in place while the pet maintains freedom of movement. This creates less stress and therefore a faster recovery.

In addition, there is extra space around the belly part of the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® to help circulate air for a faster wound recovery.


There are shirts on the market that contain unsafe fastening systems, like zippers which can hurt pets. Moreover, there are full body suits with press studs along the spine, but these can let loose easily during movement.

Moreover, many lookalikes are made of synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester. These materials often create a bad air flow, which can lead to slower wound recovery and infections.

Original MPS® product

An original MPS® product can easily be recognized by:

  • The MPS logo on the right side of the MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® near the shoulder;
  • The washing label with an MPS hologram;
  • A single orange colored snap.