Medical Pet Shirt

MPS – Medical Pet Shirt

The Medical Pet Shirt is a professional alternative to a collar and full body bandage to protect wounds and bandages. The design is based on the animal’s shape and anatomy with a snug fit as a result.

Manufactured using a breathable stretchy Cotton/Lycra fabric, giving complete freedom of movement without compromising strength or durability. Thanks to the rear closure effortless to fit.

Multi-purpose shirt for indoor and outdoor use

First Aid Uses

After surgery
The Medical Pet Shirt reduces stress, fear and uncertainty after surgery when compared to an Elizabethan collar. The shirt will avert your dog, cat or rabbit touching the wound easily. As it is not a tight fit around the belly – air is able to circulate around the wound serving to keep the area dry.
The interior of the Medical Pet Shirt is light blue ensuring that any discharge of fluids from the wound can be observed. When the wound leaks, a porous sheet or incontinence pad can be inserted inside the Medical Pet Shirt or between the double layers on the belly.
Prior to a surgical procedure, it is a common practise to shave the surgical site, couple this with an anaesthetic a fall in core body temperature can ensue. The use of a Medical Pet Shirt after the operation will keep your pet warm.

Skin diseases
In cases of skin disease where protection is required the shirt will prevent possible damage to the skin caused by scratching or biting.

No access
Protects areas that have ointment so the dog/cat cannot access.

Special Pocket at belly side
Can have pad or ice pack placed in underneath pocket in abdominal area during times of surgery, irritation to this area, etc.

Stretchy and comfortable
Can easily stretch over bandages for protection as it has Lycra to stretch and snug fit.

General Uses

For protection of dogs and cats during times of extreme shedding. Helps to protect against hair shedding in household from body areas.

Protect Fur
When dogs go outside in heavy brush, burrs, stickers, etc. to protect against these environmental irritants getting into hair on dog.

Post grooming for show dogs to keep dog clean.
For cats specifically to help protect against hairballs when cats overgrow and have digestive issues.

In season and incontinence
The Medical Pet Shirt will reduce the risk of blood or urine stains in your house. In contrast to standard in season shorts it is very difficult for your pet to wriggle out of a Medical Pet Shirt. Making this a more hygienic option for you and your pet!

Breeder uses

For protection of female in heat.
For protection of breeding male to protect against accidental breeding.
For weaning puppies as shirt covers female abdominal area and can be unsnapped for set feeding times for puppies as requested.




Because of the four-way stretch fabric the Medical Pet Shirt is comfortable. It is also hygienic and keeps your dog or cat warm. In cases of incontinence or if your pet is in season the Medical Pet Shirt can also be fitted with a sanitary towel or a panty liner.

Machine washable

The Medical Pet Shirt is comfortable, hygienic and can be washed at 60/90º Celsius or 140/194ºF. Therefore it can be re-used.

Inside pocket for pads

The interior of the Medical Pet Shirt is light blue ensuring that any discharge of fluid from the wound can be observed. When the wound leaks, a sanitary towel or a panty liner can be inserted inside of the suit or between the double layers on the belly. The double layer on the belly side can also be used to hold an icepack to keep the wound cool or reduce the possibility of swelling.

Blind buttonhole

The blind buttonhole between the shoulders could be used for passing an IV-line.

Use on litter tray and outside

The Medical Pet Shirt is easy to use with the snaps near the base of the tail to allow your dog to be taken for a walk without removal of the shirt. You just simply roll the Medical Pet Shirt inwards at the belly side and fasten it with the strap with the snaps.

Your cat and rabbit can use the litter tray any time without opening the shirt.


The Medical Pet Shirts are available in three different types. These are recognized by colour. The blue shirts are for dogs, the red shirts for cats and the green shirts for rabbits. They are different by shape and sizes. The red and the green shirts have especially tailored space under the tail.

For the majority of cats, the red shirts can remain fastened when the cat is using the litter tray.
When walking the dog, only the rear side of the shirt needs to be opened. Simply roll the shirt inwards at the belly side and fasten it with the special designed hold up system.

The rabbit shirt is fully based on the anatomy of the rabbit. The measures and openings of the shirt are adjusted.
Sizes are overlapping. In case of doubt please choose the smallest size possible. This is important especially with cats.

MPS Sizes for Dogs

SizeDistance collar - base tailIndication
MPS-4XS19 - 30 cm / 7.4 - 11.8"Mini Chihuahua
MPS-3XS:22 - 35 cm / 8.7 - 13.8 "Chihuahua, Toy Poodle
MPS-2XS:33 - 42 cm / 13.0 - 16.5 "Lhasa, Yorkshire Terrier
MPS-XS:40 - 45 cm / 15.7 - 17.7 "Maltese, Boston Terrier
MPS-S:43 - 51 cm / 16.9 - 20.1"Beagle, French Bulldog, Fox Terrier
MPS-S+:49 - 57 cm / 19.3 - 22.4 "Beagle, American Staffordshire, Chow-Chow
MPS-M:55 - 69 cm / 21.7 - 27.2 "Schnauzer, Samoyed
MPS-M+:61 - 72 cm / 24.0 - 28.3 "Collie, Boxer, Labrador
MPS-L:67 - 76 cm / 26.4 - 29.9 "Labrador, Rottweiler, German Shepherd
MPS-XL:74 - 82 cm / 29.1 - 32.3 "Bullmastiff, Rhodesian Ridgeback
MPS-2XL:80 - 92 cm / 31.5 - 36.2 "Leonberger, St Bernard, Newfoundlander
Size measured from collar to base of the tail.

MPS Sizes for Cats

SizeDistance collar - base tailIndication
MPS-4XS:25 - 32 cm / 9.8 - 12.6 "Young kitten
MPS-3XS:29 - 37 cm / 11.4 - 14.6 "Young cat (kitten)
MPS-2XS:33 - 42 cm / 13.0 - 16.5 "Young cat (kitten)
MPS-XS:40 - 45 cm / 15.7 - 17.7 "Cat
MPS-S:43 - 51 cm / 16.9 - 20.1 "Cat
Size measured from collar to base of the tail.

MPS Sizes for Rabbits

MPS-3XS:0,6 - 0,8 kg
MPS-2XS:0,8 - 1,5 kg
MPS-XS:1,5 - 2,0 kg
MPS-S:2,0 - 3,5 kg
MPS-M:3,5 - 4,5 kg
MPS-L:4,5 - 5,5 kg


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