Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

Do all dogs and cats tolerate the MPS-shirt?

Yes most of the time dogs and cats tolerate the shirt. It’s the same like using a onesie or T-shirt except that the MPS are special equipped and made for animals offering veterinarians a one stop solution for their customers.

Some cats are really athletic and can manage to get out of the shirt. For those cats it can be made more difficult when the loops inside the collar of the shirt are fitted to a collar. Also it’s important to choose the right size for the cat. Better a little bit smaller than easy fitted. The stretch fabric of the shirt is made for this.

Special attention is always needed when a wound is irritating. The animal will try to scratch, lick and sometimes bite around the wound.

What is the difference between the blue, red and green shirt?

The blue shirts are mostly used for dogs. The small sizes are also used for cats with less to moderate incontinence because of the smaller opening under the tail so they don’t pee in the house. The collar of the blue shirt is a little bit wider than of the red shirt.

Because of the larger opening of the red (cat) and green (rabbit) shirt the animal can use the litter box without the rear side of the shirt opened. Some veterinarians use the green shirt also for guinea pigs.

What is the reason of not having a male hole at the belly part of the blue dog shirt?

The reason is simple. If there is a hole on the belly side, which then must be large enough to fit all the sizes of the male’s equipment, the animal still can get near the wound to lick it or to scratch it with their paw. The risk for getting a wound infection is also higher with a hole at the belly part of the shirt. The blue dog shirt can be easily opened for taking the (male/female) dog for a walk.

Do you have more colours for fashion purposes?

Yes, the MPS shirt for dogs is also available in orange and zebraprint. The MPS for cats are available in orange, zebra print and leopard print.

Can dogs and cats tear it apart or chew on it?

Of course this is always possible. The MPS-shirt is not made from Kevlar. Especially very angry animals can damage everything if they want. This is one of the reasons why the MPS-shirts are only sold thru veterinary clinics. The veterinarian or his assistant can decide if the MPS-shirt is suitable for the specific animal.

Fortunately most animals accept wearing the MPS-shirt and don’t do anything with the shirt. With excessive licking of the wound a napkin can be inserted between the double layer inside the MPS-shirt to keep the wound dry. To prevent the wound from swelling also a ice-pack can be inserted.

Is the shirt machine washable?

Yes the shirt is washable on 140/194ºF (60/90 degrees Celsius). Mostly clients buy 2 shirts so they can wash one.

Is it possible to change sizes if the shirt does not fit?

No this is not possible directly from MPS. Many veterinarians will have all sizes in stock at their clinics. Because of the stretch, we always advise our clients to put on a tightly fitted shirt. During use, the MPS-shirts will become a little bit larger. We do not have extra recommendations for specific body weight along with the sizes. Because the fabric stretches, the shirts will also fit on most overweight dogs.

Can a cat also wear a dog shirt?

No, the Shirts are all different and especially designed for the anatomy of that particular animal. The blue Shirts are for the dogs and the red Shirts are for the cats. The red, cat Shirts have a bigger opening under the tail so the Shirt can stay on while using the litter tray. The green, rabbit Shirts are especially designed on the anatomy of the rabbit. The holes for the paws are closer together and the opening under the tail is bigger so the Shirt can stay on when the rabbit uses the toilet.

Can the front leg sleeves also be used for the back legs?

No, that is not possible. The MPS-TAZ(2) front leg sleeves are especially designed for the front legs. To protect the back legs we designed the MPS-HLS Hind Leg Sleeves. These need to be combined with the MPS-TOP Shirt to ensure secure placement.

I'm in doubt about the size I need for my dog because there are two sizes that would fit. What would you advise?

For full body Shirts, measurement is made from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. As our sizes overlap a bit, it is normally better to go with the smaller size to have a snug fit, but not too tight.

The Shirt is made from a breathable, stretchy Cotton/Lycra fabric. When in doubt about which size to choose, we always advise to choose the smallest size, especially for cats.

If the Shirt is too loose, it does not serve the purpose it is designed for. The neck portion can be folded up or down as needed to cover the neck area appropriately.

For the protective front leg Sleeves, the measurement of the chest circumference is used for sizing.

Please have a look at the sizing chart for the correct size.

Why is there a strap with a press button or snap at the belly side?

The strap with the press button or snap is called the Hold-up system.

When the dog is taken outside for a walk , the shirt can be opened and rolled inwards at the belly side. The shirt can be fastened with the Hold-up system (strap with press button/snap) for secure placement.

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